At this time of year, children affected by war in Ukraine or Syria face a new threat: the cold. With temperatures dropping below -20°C, many families need immediate help. Together, we can protect them from this danger during the winter and, in some cases, save lives.

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Children in need

  • Abdullah (12 years old) Syrian refugee
  • Abdulrahman (12 years old) Syrian refugee
  • Rimas (8 years old) Syrian refugee

Because of the brutal conflict in Syria, millions of children have never known peace. They lost their family and friends, had to flee their homes and lived through unacceptable suffering. Many of them stay in refugee camps and have never known a warm home. Their basic rights are violated every day. A lot of children have not gone to school for years, while vital services like life-saving healthcare, are seriously disrupted. UNICEF is on the ground day and night to reach the Syrian children with humanitarian aid. We deliver lifesaving supplies and work on sustainable improvements in health care, water supply, education and protection. Help us to help the Syrian children. They need us more than ever.