HappyPacks are a simple and practical way to help UNICEF help children.
With a UNICEF HappyPack your gift really does reach and help vulnerable children.
If you want, you can even make two people happy, by sending one of our personalised certificates.


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1. Buy one or more products
2. The products go to children in need
3. You receive a customized certificate that you can give to friends or family

Emergency Aid

Although UNICEF is in the first place a development aid organisation, it is frequently faced with emergency situations: natural disasters and wars.

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Malnutrition is responsible for more than one third of worldwide infant mortality of children younger than five. Your purchase will make a real difference.

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UNICEF is the largest supplier and distributor of child vaccines in the developing countries.

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Water and Hygiene

Still 5.000 children die every day of causes, linked directly to shortage of clean water and to bad hygienical circumstances.

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Playing and learning

67 million school children can't go to school. Girls are the majority in this group. UNICEF is working on the improvement and the increase of the educational opportunities for all children

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Children in need

Sabina (9y)
Rohingya refugee
Sultan (5y)
Rohingya refugee
Faysal (4y)
Rohingya refugee
When hundreds of thousands of terrified Rohingya refugees began flooding onto the beaches and paddy fields of southern Bangladesh in August 2017, it was the children – who made up nearly 60 per cent of their number – who caught many people’s attention. Today, there are an estimated 720,000 Rohingya children in Bangladesh and Myanmar, in dire need of humanitarian assistance and protection – and looking to the outside world for help. Urgent efforts are needed to help the Rohingya children who are threatened either by the approaching cyclone season in Bangladesh or by ongoing violence and denial of their basic rights in Myanmar.

How can you help children like them?

2 footballs + 2 basketballs

32 .

1 radio + 2 mosquito nets + 2 blankets

61 .
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